lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Que cancion me mola estos dias?



Ain’t no fire from the sun
Ain’t no water in the sea
Ain’t no skin on my teeth
Walking through the ice
feel it burning me

Ain’t no soul in the priest
Ain’t no mark on the beast
Ain’t no second coming
Best to close your eyes
and keep on running

Ain’t know evil in the killer
Ain’t no love in the saint
Ain’t no use in saying there’s no hope
Even though I’m still praying

I walk this world of wonder
Waiting for a sign
Barely holding on to

Ain’t no life in the living
Ain’t no death in the dying
Ain’t no food in the bread
Starving ourselves, still we’re overfed

Ain’t no land of the free
Ain’t no place left to breathe
Ain’t nobody who is blessed
Just living the illusion that
We’re not in such a mess

I walk this world of wonder
Waiting for a sign
Barely holding on to

The fading voices I use to trust
Have left me feeling cold
Is nothingness in all of us
Nothing left to hold

But I walk this world of wonder
Waiting for a sign only holding on to you

Ain’t no truth in the lies
Ain’t no tears in the cries
Burying the love as it dies
But I don’t want to close my eyes
Looking for the strength when I’m weak
Looking for the faith when I seek
Don’t wanna be day after day just living my life for nothing

Vocals, 12-string, synth, bass: Kip Winger
Guitar, synth, effects, samples and loops: Cenk Eroglu
Guitar: Andy Timmons
Drums: Ken Mary
Saz: Char Rothchild
Percussion: Robby Rothchild, Mark Clark
Middle Eastern vocals: Mine Kosan

KIP: This song was originally “Killing Way” as you can hear on the Xcarnation
Cd “Grounded”, We changed it early on but kept the other version in tact.
Also mostly recorded in Istanbul,. It’s about the Hypocrisy I see all around me.
More and more there seems to be less and less to believe in, So much deception
in the world but still holding on.

Y el album completo esta de lo mejor...

Kip mola mogollón!! ;)


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